Optimizing specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management.

The Asembia1 Platform

Asembia1 is an integrated web-based software platform that optimizes specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management. Asembia has developed this new platform to seamlessly integrate with pharmacy dispensing systems and workflows used by specialty pharmacies across the country.

Asembia1 features include onboarding specialty patients, streamlined management for prior authorizations, connectivity with co-pay and patient assistance programs, and ongoing clinical consultation and compliance monitoring. Other benefits include real-time data reporting for pharma/biotech manufacturers, health plans, prescribers, and other industry partners.

Asembia1’s robust business intelligence also provides prescription status information, operational insights, and other essential pharmacy management and productivity reports.


Users can electronically fax refill requests to prescribers. Asembia1 will also automatically remind the user when refills are due.

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Asembia1 integrates with the pharmacy’s existing dispensing software (no double entry). Prescriptions can be uploaded and moved to a queue for clarification on patient or prescription information or pharmacist verification.

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Asembia1 allows users to select a PA form based on the patient’s drug and payer, auto-populate existing patient and physician demographics, and electronically fax it to the prescriber.

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Patient Contact

Optimize drug utilization and clinical outcomes through documented interventions based on customized therapy protocols. Asembia1 will automatically add calls to the task queue based on rules the pharmacy establishes.

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Asembia1 helps users better manage their costs for shipping. The cost calculator allows the user to compare shipping costs based on the different methods of delivery.

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Clinical Consult

Asembia1 will manage the task queue used by the pharmacy’s call center staff. Calls to be made will automatically be added to the work queue based on rules established by the pharmacy.

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Prescription Transfers

Easily triage referrals that can’t be filled by the pharmacy due to payer lockout or lack of access to a LD product. Through Asembia1, users can easily transfer the referral to another pharmacy and track the prescription status from receipt until the time it is filled.

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Dynamic Reporting, Analytics & Business Intelligence Dashboards

Our real-time dashboards provide insight not just into dispensed prescriptions but also on the status of in-process referrals. Key pharmacy performance indicators such as compliance rates (MPR, PDO, LOT), fill rate and time-to-fill are dynamically calculated. The system also facilitates scheduled reporting required by many pharma contracts.

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Wrap-Around System Integration for your Pharmacy Dispensing System


Care Plans

Manage a patient’s healthcare goals/outcomes

  • Shows the patient’s Care Plan History
  • Goal, intervention, and outcome
  • Customizable patient care plans

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Prior Authorization & Copay Support

Streamline the prior authorization and copay process.

  • Auto populated patient demographics
  • Manage submitted requests
  • Financial assistance

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Drug & Disease Specific Counseling

System designed to track patient outreach activities

  • Tracking during the pre-dispense/onboarding process
  • Captures, reports dispense/status data
  • Prescription status updates, log notes
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Sales Force Tracking

Manage pharmacy’s sales team

  • Manage pharmacy sales team
  • Provides high level to granular visualization of sales force productivity
  • Ability to export to Excel spreadsheet
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Adverse Events Reporting

Forms linked to patient’s profile

  • Manufacturer specific
  • Displays a record of previously reported Adverse Events
  • Ability to save, fax or print forms

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Manufacturer Reporting

Strategic solutions in the specialty marketplace

  • Captures pharmacy’s day-to-day workflow
  • Scalable and impactful services and solutions
  • Integrated technology platforms improving product visibility
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Physician Portals

Integrated with pharmacy’s physician portals

  • Prescription status and sub-status detail
  • Referral tracking by sales representative
  • Compliance, fill rate, and time-to-fill analytics

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Patient Management

Clinical Consult Module for High-Touch Patient Support Services

The patient journey comes first

Management of complex specialty therapies requires dedication, empathy and professionalism. Asembia’s Patient Support and Hub Services ensure the optimal patient and prescriber journey is achieved and therapy goals are met. Our compassionate call-center employs highly-qualified clinical specialists and care coordinators, who work hand-in-hand with prescribers, manufacturers and pharmacies to ensure each patient is fully supported throughout their course of treatment.

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Asembia has developed an integrated, web-based software platform…

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Asembia1 is a web-based application, meaning it runs centrally on a server, and users interact with it through web browsers from any computer or tablet. In order to access Asembia1, users must have the following:

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The Asembia1 servers are hosted centrally. There is no need for end users of the system to purchase any additional hardware or software.

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Thank you for your interest in the Asembia1 Specialty Pharmacy Workflow Platform. For general inquiries, please contact us by phone or email below and an Asembia1 representative will contact you shortly. If you would like to schedule a demo of Asembia1, CLICK HERE.

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New Tech Initiatives from Asembia

Asembia1 is an integrated web-based software platform that optimizes specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management. Asembia has developed this platform to seamlessly integrate with pharmacy dispensing systems and workflows used by specialty pharmacies across the country.

Operating System Requirements

  • High speed internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 9.0®+, Firefox®, Chrome® or Safari®
  • The ability to enable pop-up windows, allow JavaScript and allow images to load automatically
  • 1024 x 768 pixels or greater screen resolution
  • Up-to-date antivirus software
  • The latest version of Adobe® Reader, to view PDF forms


Asembia1 Server Infrastructure

  • Hosted in a SSAE-16 certified facility with automatic failover and recovery
  • Clustered, redundant server databases
  • Commercial grade security architecture with one-way encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • All data transmitted over the internet is encrypted by an EV SSL certificate, the highest security standard available
  • A backup data center that can resume operations quickly if there are any problems at the primary data center location

Our systems are:

  • HIPAA certified
  • URAC accredited
  • Penetration tested
  • Scanned regularly for potential vulnerabilities